What are we?  Talent consiglieries - trusted advisors focused day and night on finding and better understanding talent in all its diverse forms.  iDream Talent’s legacy and impact is build in the all-stars they recruit and place.  With a hand picked internal team that knows how to achieve at the highest levels and experience playing for winning teams, our culture embodies a locker-room-ish camaraderie based on what we stand for: integrity, intensity, results.  We’re out to get the most out of life and we are having a ton of fun doing it.  The adventure continues!

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Our Story


iDream Talent started with three founding members - Josh Goryl, Tony Colasanto, and Addison Carpenter - in 2010 that had a passion to help their peers.  With experience in talent evaluation in business and sports, Addison saw athletes struggle while making a transition from sports to business.  He wanted to help.


“Reflecting on my experience, I remember when I underwent an identity crisis when I had to stop playing hockey after two concussions.  My life was hockey and I was lost without it.  Not knowing what to do, I had a great coach help me understand that the talents that made me successful in hockey can be applied to any aspect of my life.  Taking that to heart, I worked my butt off and every challenge I undertook only produced success.  Guess what? Talent translates!  That lesson transformed my world, and I want to spend a lifetime helping others realize that, yes, you have what it takes to be successful if you use your talents in the right job and on the right team.” - Addison Carpenter

Today, iDream Talent is a premier recruiting firm headquartered in Chicago, IL. We are trusted advisors that extend not only partnerships to our clients but a life-long alliance to help advocate the growth of organizations through the placement of the most talented individuals!


Speed to market, a strong understanding of true talent and gaining trust and credibility with the client will always be the foundation of this company. Our values stem from having worked with companies ranging from emerging start-ups to well known companies on the INC 500 and Fortune 500 roster.   We are the behind-the-scenes advisors (talent consiglieries) improving lives one placement at a time.  Bring it on!



Refer a friend for one of our open positions. If the person you referred is the right fit for the job and gets hired, we will reward you with $200!



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