Life is short…isn’t that what everyone always talks about?  Well the crew here at iDream Talent agrees that life is definitely short, however, everyone has a passion in life and  should pursue it until they achieve success!  In today’s job market the opportunities are endless for the specific role or industry you want to be in and the sky is the limit on the opportunity to grow and make a name for yourself.  At iDream Talent, that’s what we do – we help professionals enhance their profile and put them in front of their “Dream Career”.

We work with some of the  smartest and most innovative companies across the USA and Canada and they come to us for the “Game Changers” and “Future Leaders” of their companies.  With that said, don’t burn daylight and let your dreams pass you by.  Instead, get motivated and let the experts at iDream Talent be your talent consiglieris, helping you find an opportunity to catapult your career and put you on the path to greatness!

Employers, Need talent?

Tailor-made Attention

With a background in building screening tools and structured interviews, the team at iDream Talent is able to dig deeper, uncovering exactly what makes individuals tick.

Stated differently, we hunt for candidates that hit the “threshold talent” for the job and dial-in on what amplifies and inhibits their talent from achieving its full potential.

Diversified Networks

Our connections are diverse and deep, spanning from entry-level candidates graduating from top universities and colleges to former professional athletes within the NHL Alumni  Association to experienced and seasoned business professionals. Whether big or small, new or established, one thing that defines our candidates is their obsession with results and the ability to succeed at the highest level.

Hunting Mentality

iDream refuses to be “resume recyclers” and instead focuses on hunting for game-changers that resemble your very best. If you want a pink-striped Zebra that speaks Italian and Salsa dances, then that’s what we’ll hunt for! You know what makes you great, and we’re the best hunters in the industry!

Speed to Market

From the executive team to the recruiting team we pride ourselves on gaining a wealth of insight and understanding of our clients so that we can deliver superior results in a timely fashion. Enabling our clients to go to market with the right people in the right positions, we reduce turnover and let you focus on the more important things.


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