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iDream Talent is a premier recruiting firm headquartered in arguably one of the greatest cities in the world- Chicago, IL. The employees that make up this innovative company stand for certain moral, ethical and professional standards. We are trusted advisors that extend not only partnerships to our clients but a life-long alliance to help advocate the growth of organizations through the placement of the most talented individuals! Speed to market, a strong understanding of true talent and gaining trust and credibility with the client will always be the foundation of this company. Our values stem from having worked with companies ranging from emerging start-ups to well known companies on the INC 500 and Fortune 500 roster and being able to identify the right people that will drive results in sales, marketing, IT and management positions. Ready to let us find your next Game Changer?

Gaining Lean Muscle

How exactly to gain 15 to 20 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks By David Lawrence (C.S.C.S)                   People like exacts.  We don’t want, “here’s what it kinda looks like” or “take a look at this template.”  We want to know what to do and how to do it.  When it comes to putting on… Continue reading ‘Gaining Lean Muscle’


Growing up, my childhood suffered no shortage of Catholic retreats.  Whether it was first communion, confirmation, mission work, or just an excuse to get a bunch of young, hormonal catholic boys chasing catholic girls out in the middle of nowhere-ville together and all talking about God, retreats were plentiful.  One thing I remembered my youth… Continue reading ‘Mini-Retreats’

Shared Beliefs

by Josh Goryl, After living in Boston for some time now, one thing that I have noticed is the importance of innovation. It has turned into a movement and I have made it a habit to stick my nose in it. I have been getting a daily dose of TED Talks and it certainly… Continue reading ‘Shared Beliefs’